There is an introduction to the practice followed the actual practice divided into six stages. As I said above, ego has as little place as possible in this practice and to help with that the standard approach is to imagine oneself as part of an immense body of practitioners, gathered over the millenia since the Buddha gained Enlightenment. This is what you'll hear called the Refuge Tree in the practice. Some of the people on it are themselves Enlightened. Some, like us probably, are not. But all of us would relieve suffering wherever we find it, if we could. Going for Refuge is another Buddhist term. In this context, think of it as you summoning up some determination to really try to do this practice.


  01 Introduction (13min)

  02 Calling on Metta (3min)

  03 Evoking the Refuge Tree (5min)

  04 Contemplating Beings (5min)

  05 Going for Refuge (7min)

  06 Giving and Taking (9min)

  07 Dedication (5min)