Lines Written in Praise of Tara 

The single face of the Chief Lady is the understanding of all events as a single knowledge.

The green colour of her body is power in all faculties

Her two hands are the two truths: her right hand the Conventional truth, her left hand the Ultimate truth.

Her wearing of all ornaments is the completion of the stocks of merit and knowledge.

Her right hand in the gift bestowing gesture is the contemplation of the perfection of  charity

Her left hand in the protection gesture is the guarding of all beings from fear.

Her right leg stretched out is the abandonment of all defects of  Mara

Her left leg drawn back is the understanding of all qualities.

Her holding of the lotus blossom is the bringing of joy to all beings.

Her being sixteen years of age is the ability to accomplish the aims of all beings.

Her throne of the orb of the moon is the possession of the Perfection of Wisdom

Her throne of  a vari-coloured lotus is the possession of the essence of Compassion.