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Wee Duggy Dug!!!

I have just discovered these wee videos made in 2014 by NewsNet.scot in the run-up to ScotRef and starring Duggy Dug. He knows everything about why Scotland should be an independent country. Thank you NewsNet.scot… Grrruff, grrufff.

Global Thermometer from 20,000 BCE to Now

You know this global warming thing? Ever wondered how the Earth’s temperature has changed over the millennia? Well here’s your answer….. planetary temperature for the last 20,000 years. Yeah, that’s well longer than when Creationists say that God created everyone so if you believe that nonsense, you won’t want to bother with this. If you’re for having a look, then make sure you don’t stop until the very end. That’s where it gets frightening. Oh and Creationists? You do know that you’ll have to come up with anther explanation for what happens after 1950?

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nicola sturgeon

After Nicola Sturgeon’s refusal to rule out a second referendum on Scottish independence, voters north and south of the border have been suggesting a few other things which her party has not ruled out.

On Sunday, the SNP leader said that she had no plans for another referendum “at this stage”. However, she insisted that it would not be “democratic” to rule a vote on the issue out, according to the Guardian.

…And #NotRuledOutByTheSNP was born soon afterwards. Here is a sample…