It’s the Daily Show: Bashing Climate Change Deniers

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show here in getting up a full head of steam at climate change deniers:

1. U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology…. jaw-dropping clips of House members on that committee interviewing John Paul Holden, President Obama’s senior advisor on space and technology issues.

In one clip, Texas Congressman Steve Stockman explains that he doesn’t believe in rising ocean levels, saying, “When your ice cube melts in your glass, it doesn’t overflow—it’s displacement!”

“How far back to the elementary school core curriculum do we have to go to get someone on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology caught up?” exclaims Stewart, pounding on his desk in exasperation. “Do we have to bring out the papier–mâché and soda so you can make a %#$^&$-ing volcano?”



2. When the Koch Brothers advertised on the Daily Show

Cue: an upbeat ad about the wonders of modern fossil fuel-based industry from—the Koch Brothers. “Who are these lovable scamp Koch Brothers?” asked Stewart.

3. GOP criticising the Pope’s Climate Change Encyclical
Pope Francis released his encyclical last week, urging swift action on climate change ahead of the Paris climate talks in December. And before the ink had even dried, many conservative American politicians were criticizing the Pope for speaking out about environmental issues.

4. When Florida banned the words “climate change”

One former Florida Department of Environmental Protection employee, Kristina Trotta, was told to use the term “nuisance flooding” instead of “sea level rise” and was told she could only say the water was getting hotter and not why it was getting hotter.

Ah yes, that darn nuisance flooding. Well, if certain denizens of the Sunshine State don’t want to use those naughty “C words,” Jon Stewart has his trusty “Roget’s Denial Thesaurus” to offer some alternatives.

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