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#ElectricDriving: My First Long Trip

South: Glasgow to Oxford, 3 stops                                         North: Oxford to Glasgow, 2 stops

Mid-November 2017, after six weeks of pottering around our local area in our new BMW i3 REX, we set off for Oxford. Big adventure.
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#ElectricDriving: Charging My Car

I’ve been the proud owner of an electric car for four months. BMW i3 REX 96. I don’t do much mileage myself and with a full charge of 100-125miles depending on the weather, I’m only needing to charge it about once a week, if that. Even at 3.4C, I’m getting the equivalent of 125 miles. Yesterday’s range of 109 miles was when the battery was at 87% of full charge.

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#ElectricDriving: My New Electric Car

In October last year , I took possession of a new car. This one. It’s electric. BMW i3 Rex. It’s new and I financed it with the standard £4500 discount for any new electric car, covered by UKGov, and an interest free loan for the rest from a ScotGov fund to promote electric car ownership. 

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